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Matching Grant Application

Grant Application

Matching Grants are available to help offset the cost of the Bronze Plaque and Gold Pin/Pendant. Please fill out the simple form below to apply for a Matching Grant. Your application will be reviewed by our Board of Directors and you will be notified by email if your application is approved or not (approval depends on annual budget available).

This is a Matching Grant, which means if approved One Bright Star will cover half of the Plaque or Jewelry item cost and the applicant must pay the other half of the cost. For example, if the Matching Grant was approved for a Bronze Plaque, original cost $415, the applicant pays $207.50 and One Bright Star will cover the other $207.50.

Memorial Plaques

The background of the plaque is a black baked-enamel finish. The names and dates are in gold-colored raised letters with a choice of a symbol or a black and white photo. The photo reproduction is a flat-surfaced, two dimensional image. The engraving is filled with black epoxy that highlights and protects the lettering of the names and dates. MPQ1 Match Grant  

One Bright Star Jewelry

The parent's star has a small diamond embedded into one of the five points. The star without a diamond is intended for siblings and loved ones. matching grant jewelry