Mahlayna Leah Salinas

Full Name: Mahlayna Leah Salinas
Born: April 18, 2008
Passed: September 13, 2008
Mother: Jessica Clobes
Father: Todd Salinas
Home: Mankato MN
Birthplace: Mankato MN

Mahlayna was an angel sent from heaven from the very beginning. She saved her father and I. We were both irresponsible and on a path of destruction until she came into our life. Mahlayna could make the grumpiest old man smile and take a minute to appreciate life. She always brought a smile to our faces. There wasn’t a person around that didn’t fall in love with my daughter. When she was born her father and I could not believe we had created something so perfect and beautiful. I wanted a child so bad when we found out about her. Mahlayna had a great life, even though it was short. She taught us so many things, and made such an impact in other peoples lives. Our daughter will never be forgotten. We love and miss your “lil’ mama”

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